Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Casting Call

Hatter Here

I am posting for help. I am working on a script right now for a video for Alice in Wonderland. I have the song mixed together and the script is close to being finished but I have one problem.

I don't have enough people for it.

I have myself as well as Kuri and maybe one other person but I still need 2-3 other people. I need a Queen of Hearts, a March Hare and another. If anyone in the KCMO area would like to be casted in it comment please.

Thanks for your help ^_^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amazing new video

Hatter Here ^_^

I thought it was time to update something. I am also really bored and trying to get out of cleaning the house.

Update from Hatter: I will be getting my labtop either today or tomorrow so this week I will be recording my dances. I will have 2 up right away and I am currently working on 2 dances at the moment. Go My Way and then Cirno's Perfect Math Class which Kuri Rice will be staring in.

I will also become very busy soon because I will be taking a summer class as well as Violin lessons. Maybe even a job, who knows.

Updates from Kuri: She has a new video out! Story is singing Love is War and some motion data is put in to make it even more interesting. I am going to be nice and past it here for everyone to see.

More on the Kuri's life front she is working on episode 2 and 3 of the Story Series at the moment. She has been a busy busy bee.

Cosplay update: I wish we had cosplay skits to put up. But unfortunatly we are both jobless so we don't have any money to get or make any at the moment. -_- It is very depressing. There will be other skits and video's we will be putting up in our GL though until we get financed to get cool cosplay.

Hopefully soon we will make a combines Youtube site for all of our skits and collaberation videos. But we will keep you updated on that.

Hatter out

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final update before I crash

I am working on making the final two models for the MMD series Story. I will then create a brand new opening with a new song. ^.^

Ichiro's voicebank will be up for download SOON!

Chiyoko's voicebank is in the works. I am creating her Oto.inis. ^.^


MMD Story episodes update

I am sending out scripts for the second episode. I am also adding the finishing touches onto the second part of episode 1.

The third episode is taking awhile because I am making a few new models. Thanks for being patient with me!

In the mean time, here's what Molly Hatter and I do when we're bored.

Absolutely nothing.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Video!

Hatter Here ^_^

So we lied earlier. Thanks to my camera being a major jerk and dying on me we were'nt able to do the whole photoshoot thing.....again. So we decided to put together another video!

It's a Piplup!

Hopefully soon my camera will be nice and let us finally do our Alice Photoshoot. ^_^ Sorry again, but enjoy the video we put together for everyone.

First Blog

This is Kuri and Hatter!

"Our adventures BEGIN!" --Hatter

We are about to do our first photoshoot. This will be an Alice and Wonderland photoshoot. This will be one of our first official thing for Otaku Ninjas together. ^.^

"The Story series is currently being worked on! I am making new models for the show, so be patient! I will get those up soon!"--Kuri


"I will be putting videos up on my youtube soon! I will put up skits that I created and some dance videos! Also, some random moments that I find cool. So look forward to that!"--Molly Hatter.

Baii Baii

~Kuri and Molly Hatter~