Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We are back and almost ready for business! We are trying to get things done, but we have a million projects on our plate.

Project 1)Story Episodes
Project 2/3)Two abridged series
Project 4)Another MMD series
Project 5)Parody Songs for Story Episodes
Project 6)Dancing

There are a lot more projects but we can't think of them right now. But as you can see we have a bunch of things to do. I myself ((Molly Hatter)) won't be able to put up a lot of things since I am leaving for school here in a few weeks for school. Look for more MMD things, and other such stuff from Kuri Rice though since she has a computer that lets her work movie clips.

Kuri Rice has an announcment!

Kuri Rice: Hi Hi! I am thinking about putting up a Vblog on my youtube to reinstate what we put in this blog.

Now here are a few curse skits that we did recently!

Kuri Rice Video: Start of the Madness.

Molly Hatter Video: My Return Cursing